KTDP007-1 - 007-12 Square gasket KTDP007-1
Model : KTDP007-1


Year : KTDP007-1 Square gasket

Alignment : Rear Camber,Front Camber

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Product specification


Product package

There are 10 pieces per pack and 12 pieces per pack; among them, 10 pieces are packed in single degree and 12 pieces are packed in set.

Installation instruction

Estimated installation time: about half an hour on each side.

Step 1:The measured values of the external inclination or beam angle shown by the locator are compared with the standard value (vehicle gauge) specified in the original factory value, to determine the correction of the outbound inclination or beam angle.

Computational formula: positive quantity = original factory value - measured value.

Note: calculation is done algebraically. It is recommended to set the angle unit of the positioner as expressed in centigrade, otherwise the unit conversion shall be carried out.

Step 2 Installation:

1. Check the chassis parts and tires as required by the four-wheel positioning procedure. If there are any type of adjusting gaskets in the rear axle, the gaskets should be removed and installed before measurement.

2. According to the measurement result, calculate the angle adjustment of the rear wheeland select equal or close gasket.

3. Remove the wheels and brake system of the vehicle all the way to the base of the rear axle.

4. Clean the surface in contact with the gasket, otherwise it will cause inaccurate angle adjustment.

5. There is a mark indicating the number of angles on the gasket. This mark indicates the directivity of the change of the camber angle or beam angle to be corrected.

6. Installation of vertical ground direction, it can change the camber angle.

-Angle mark upward - increase camber angle

-Angle mark down - reduce camber angle

7. Installation of horizontal ground direction, it can change the beam angle.

-Angle mark backward - increases the front beam angle

-Angle mark forward - reduce the front beam angle

If it is necessary to change the camber angle and beam angle at the same time, the two gaskets can be superimposed vertically, but this method is generally not recommended.

Put the wheel back, according to the technical requirements of the manufacturer, tighten the bolts with a torque wrench or other torque tools before installing the wheels, which will cause

inaccurate Angle adjustment.




1. The measuring unit on the four-wheel positioning instrument is recommended to change to the centigrade unit.

2. Before installing the gaskets, first, check the relevant parts of the vehicle chassis and check whether there is any slack. If there is any slack, replace it before installing the gaskets.

3. Maximum of two gaskets can be added to each wheel, but not more than 2 degrees.

4. The fastening strength of the bolt is preferably 6-7.5 kg. When tightening the bolts, tighten the thin side of the gasket first, then tighten the thick side and set the diagonal apart four times for solidity.